Medicine Queen is a brand that inspires Authenticity higher vibes, elevation, self mastery, manifesting and creating your own reality in a non judgmental zone. Medicine Queen supports all natural forms of medicine. Medicine Queen is an experience to see the world from a different perspective in the Pacific Northwest, with the unique culture of Oregon.

Medicine Queen provides products with CBG and other natural herbs for clients who want more natural herbal solutions for maintaining and restoring health while looking and feeling good about yourself. Medicine Queen provides customized fashionable apparel and accessories that represents the brand and what it stands for. Medicine Queen also provides an all inclusive three night, four day vacation of Oregon. Medicine Queen’s latest addition MQ Soul Food & Catering gives your taste buds an experience made with love.  Medicine Queen Mission is to create a memorable yet reasonable cathartic experience that connects the majestic nature of the Pacific Northwest with the unique culture of Oregon.

Medicine Queen is creating a company-based menu of experiences that will relax and rejuvenate our clients from conception to completion. All consumers must be 21 years of age and older for the vacation experience. Medicine Queen welcomes all genders and races. We are driven to develop a nonjudgmental offering which includes opening services to poly amorous community, LGBTQ community and worldwide organizations. Medicine Queen welcomes all incomes, occupations and educational levels. Medicine Queen provides services for targeted industries in travel, agriculture, restaurants and excursions by the locals of Oregon.

In this rat race of a society we have been overworked, malnourished, disconnected and suffering pressures from a worldwide pandemic. People need to recharge, reconnect with our first love of nature and be able to enjoy all that this world has to offer outside of their reality. Medicine Queen experience provides a few days of stress free and safe experience you will never forget. Medicine Queen Goal is to increase vibrations and create memories that will last forever.